Gusto Self Evaluations

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Chapter 1: Knowing You

Know Yourself : Self Evaluation

Chapter 2: You Are Who You Choose to Be…And Who You Choose to Be With

Who I Choose to Be and See Evaluation (2 pages)

Chapter 3: What Does Happiness & Success Mean To You?

What Does Bring You Joy Evaluation (Page 1)

What Does Not Bring You Joy Evaluation (Page 2)

Chapter 4: Self-Reflect Each Day

Daily Self Reflection Guide

Chapter 5: Consistent Happiness Evaluations

Daily Happiness Evaluation (Page 1)

Weekly Happiness Evaluation (Page 2)

Monthly Happiness Evaluation (Page 3)

Chapter 6: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Self-Discovery Effort Evaluation

Chapter 7: Get Sufficient Sleep

Sufficient Sleep Evaluation

Chapter 8: Set a Basic Morning Routine or Rhythm

Morning Routine Planner

Chapter 9: Set a Basic Evening Routine or Rhythm

Evening Routine Planner

Chapter 10: Set Work Times - And Stick to Them

Ideally Productive Period Discovery Evaluation (Page 1)

Ideally Productive Period End of Week Evaluation (Page 2)

Chapter 11: Set Times For Yourself - And Stick To Them

What I Love to Do Evaluation

Chapter 12: Grant Yourself A Lunch Hour

Lunch Hour Success Evaluation

Chapter 13: Grant Yourself Breaks

Healthy Break Strategy Evaluation

Chapter 14: Utilize A Planner (By Day, Week, Month & Year)

To Conquer This Week Planner

Chapter 15: Create Goals With Gusto

My Goals List (Page 1)

My Goals Web (Page 2)

Chapter 16: Try Standing While Working

Standing Work Week Challenge Evaluation

Chapter 17: Try Walking While Working

Walking Work Week Challenge Evaluation

Chapter 18: Find Your Ideal Work Spaces/Locations

Ideal Work Space/Location Evaluation

Chapter 19: Stay Inspired

Personal Inspiration Evaluation


All Index Evaluations

My Support System (Page 1)

My Values (Page 2)

Energizing Words (Page 3)

My Personal Mission Statement (Page 4)

My Talents, Tendencies, Strengths & Weaknesses (Page 5)

My Passions (Page 6)

My Pride (Page 7)

My Purpose (Page 8)