What Did You Love To Do as a Child? | Finding Purpose & Clarity


The snow is softly falling outside my widow. I’ve lit the world’s best smelling crackling candle and have some soft beats playing on the speaker in my cozy little office. Needless to say, I’m feeling content.

There is so much hustle around us at all time. Don’t get me wrong…I’m the first to get wrapped up in it all. The first to add endless tasks to my to-do list and the first to get frazzled trying to get them all done!

But sometimes in moments like this I notice how productive peace and calm can be. The moments where we stop to appreciate all that is going on around us, all that is stimulating our senses and all that has come and has yet to come. Sounds philosophical but it’s true. Sometimes slow is way more beneficial than fast.

This weekend I spent a great deal of time thinking about purpose and drive and potential. I am always searching for more clarity in these areas of my life. What are my strengths? What am I good at? What tasks and activities bring me the most joy and how can make those my career reality?

So in the spirit of taking things a little slower and infusing more peace and calm into the way I do things…that’s just how I’m framing my thoughtful questions today.

Here’s a valuable throwback and an ode to simpler times for ya…

What did you love to do when you were a child?

That’s right. When you were 5 or 6, how did you spend your time? Were you drawing and coloring? Were you creating imaginary worlds? Were you building the most epic blanket fort ever? Were you playing baseball in the backyard?

What were you doing when you were 10 or 11? Repeatedly re-arranging your room in hopes of discovering the perfect style? Listening to your favorite music? Creating dance routines with your friends? Spending every Friday night at your friend’s house with plenty of pizza and movies?

This simple question and small reflection can tell you a lot. Like, a lot a lot. More than you’d imagine. About your passions, about your purpose, about your ambitions, and about your potential. It can give you a serious burst of clarity simply to remember what you spent your time doing when you had no agenda, no bills, no responsibilities, and fewer problems.

So talk to your younger self.

Spend just a few moments today reflecting on your childhood, asking your parents what they remember, or reminiscing with your siblings or childhood friends.

What you realize may change the trajectory of what you are aiming for in life. If what you are doing doesn’t align with what you loved back then, maybe it is time to consider a shift.

Remember…even small changes can bring big leaps in well-being.

Share your story

Did this question help you find clarity? What did you love to do as a child? I’d SO love to hear what you remember and how that is reflected in your current life.

Peacefully watching the snow slowly fall,