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Beautifully Blurred: Why It's Okay To Not Always Understand Your Life Path

The future is a mystery. Sometimes this truth can lead to much confusion, fear, and anxiety. What will I do? Who should I be? What is best? These questions swirl around in our minds and leave us feeling inadequate and unclear. Want to know another truth? It’s OKAY to not understand your life path. That is part of life! It’s messy, it’s unclear, it’s blurry…but it is beautifully blurred. Help come to terms with your imperfect path and realize your potential.

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Embrace Your Unique Power: Overcome Limiting Intimidation (why I do what I do)

Find out why intimidation is killing your joy, what it means to embrace your purpose, and why I do what I I do. You deserve to see the beauty in your own unique self and to learn to overcome the intimidation that we let cripple us in society. Release comparison, embrace yourself, and learn how to live with great enthusiasm, with GUSTO, everyday.

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Go With Your Gut: Learning to Listen to Your Wisdom and Trust Your Truth (6 Strategies)

Making big decisions can be SO difficult. Sometimes, it feels like a choice between fear and comfort, between known and unknown. By learning how to listen to your wisdom, trust your truth, and go with your gut, you can be more confident in your decision making and live a life of purpose and passion with great enthusiasm. Here are 6 tips and strategies for learning more.

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