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Women With Gusto: From Creative Outlet to Cosmetics Innovation with Maryam Behrouzi of Spela Cosmetics

Women are strong. Women are passionate. So many women in this world live every day with great enthusiasm…with gusto! The Women With Gusto Series is dedicated to inspiring women through the stories of female entrepreneurs and badasses who are living life with purpose and passion. Today, Maryam Behrouzi of Spela Cosmetics shares her story of creative outlets, cosmetic innovation, and ethical business! Her story is inspiring and her personal positivity is contagious! To all the women living with great enthusiasm…or working to do so!

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How to Build Your Energizing & Empowering Morning Routine

Humans thrive on routine. But this doesn't have to mean a strict following of rules to a rigid time schedule. Check out this article where I talk all about the beauty of morning routines and how you can use self-discovery to build your own energizing and empowering routine for daily joy and productivity.

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