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Beautifully Blurred: Why It's Okay To Not Always Understand Your Life Path

The future is a mystery. Sometimes this truth can lead to much confusion, fear, and anxiety. What will I do? Who should I be? What is best? These questions swirl around in our minds and leave us feeling inadequate and unclear. Want to know another truth? It’s OKAY to not understand your life path. That is part of life! It’s messy, it’s unclear, it’s blurry…but it is beautifully blurred. Help come to terms with your imperfect path and realize your potential.

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Recharge Enthusiasm: Embrace Your Passion With Healthy Time Away

I’ve been there. The project that used to bring me loads of joy and tons of passion is now…kind of a chore. How did that happen?! Where did the passion go and why is my purpose fleeting? It’s okay…all you need is to recharge your enthusiasm with some healthy time away. Despite what society says forward progress looks like, sometimes a pause is the most productive way to embrace your passion and remember why you started.

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