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How to Reverse Engineer Your Dream Life

Reverse engineering is starting from your solution and working backwards in order to understand how you achieved it. We often think forward in terms of what we want our lives to look like. But what about stepping into your future self’s shoes and understanding how you got there? It sounds complicated, but the simplicity will surprise you and leave you feeling a profound sense of clarity and joy. Ready my story, how this idea came to be, and how you, too can reverse engineer your own dream life.

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Why Happy is Our Instinctive State of Being: 5 Ways to Release the Bad and Uncover the Good

Though sometimes it feels like negativity easily takes over your life, this is not our natural human state of being. Our brains WANT to be happy. In fact, they ARE naturally very happy. Why then, are do so many of us struggle to remain positive and find happiness on a daily basis? There are many factors in our life which cause anxiety, stress, worry, frustration and a whole host of other negative emotions. But what happens if we remove these negative contributors from our lives? We are left in our default, or instinctive state of happiness and bliss. Learn 5 ways to find your own natural happy state from some of the world’s happiest countries and how to remove the bad so you are only left with the good…and so you can experience joy regularly, rather than rarely.

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