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Happiness is a Surface Level Term: Alignment is What We Really Desire

Happiness is all the rage in our culture…but does the term really identify what it is we are looking for? Here is why happiness is only a surface-level term and why as humans, we are really searching for alignment in our connections, environment, and actions. What is your deeper understanding of happiness and what are your honest truths?

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5 Ways to Thrive and Find Purpose Despite Life's Confusing Game of Trial and Error

Sometimes, life itself is hard…let alone finding purpose, joy, and great enthusiasm in each day. Learn 5 ways to ignite your passion and fuel your fire despite the confusing game of trial and error that life seems to be at times! Empower your purpose and find your joy, one step at a time.

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Recharge Enthusiasm: Embrace Your Passion With Healthy Time Away

I’ve been there. The project that used to bring me loads of joy and tons of passion is now…kind of a chore. How did that happen?! Where did the passion go and why is my purpose fleeting? It’s okay…all you need is to recharge your enthusiasm with some healthy time away. Despite what society says forward progress looks like, sometimes a pause is the most productive way to embrace your passion and remember why you started.

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