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How to Find Your Ideal Workspace: Ignite Your Productivity & Happiness

Not every workspace is created equal. And not everyone is productive or happy in the same type of space. Learn how changing up where you work can have a huge positive impact on your work and life and how you can increase your productivity and happiness simply by fostering self-discovery.

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Are You Living with GUSTO? Embracing Great Enthusiasm in Your Daily Life

We all want to live a life of great enthusiasm, right?! That's what GUSTO is all about! Check out the 3 areas of your life you can improve to live with more gusto and learn more information about my upcoming book to help you learn more about yourself and feel that GUSTO daily!

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If Not Now, When? Releasing Perfectionism for Happiness and Success

I've learned an important lesson lately...things don't have to be perfect to be proud of what you have created and to share it with others. If not now, when? Learn how I have overcome my perfectionist tendencies with self love, authenticity, and vulnerability to create lasting happiness...and how you can, too!

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