Is Clarity an Illusion: Enemy of Happiness or Friend of Progress?

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Maybe clarity is an illusion. 

We are all seeking it, but are we all on a futile mission to find something that doesn't exist?

We are told to make choices. To KNOW what we are going to do with our lives. To COMMIT to a career or a home or a person. To have it ALL figured out. And what we want most, is clarity in any and all of these things. To stop worrying, to make the choice, to see the path clearly and to take action without question. But can we?


I've written before about how NO ONE has it all figured out. If this is true, why do I keep trying to figure it all out? Seems illogical at best. 


Maybe the point of (the terribly confusing truth of) life is to not know what's coming next. Maybe knowing would dim our flame, extinguish our passion, leave us feeling bored and lost.


I'm ALWAYS searching for clarity. In business, in goals, in life. But what if I am just wasting my time? What if we are all just waiting our time chasing a ghost?


What Can We Do?

The idea is to learn to go with the flow of the Universe--something I constantly struggle with and work to improve. It's challenging to release the worry, to overcome the anxiety, to stop contemplating the future over and over and over again. For something that sounds so effortless, it's challenging to go with the flow! (Read more about why this is challenging for many of us.)


If the idea is to go with the flow, would the point of finding clarity be mute? What is the purpose of having things laid out in a cut and dry, logical plan if nothing is ever cut and dry, nor logical?


No matter how clear we think things to be, life happens without consideration of these well thought out and highly intentioned plans. The effort to find clarity takes away from the headspace we could be using to appreciate and be grateful for the present moment as it happens. 


And if we aren't living and appreciating the moment, are we really truly living at all? Being caught up in the past or the future is simply living in a shell of what could be, rather than living in the crisp, beautiful life that is passing us by while we worry it away. 


So then, is clarity really the enemy?


It just may be. 


What do you think? Is clarity important? Is it pointless? Is it somewhere in between? Open to thoughts, feelings and opinions from all in the comments.


With Thoughtful (and not so clear) Enthusiasm,