If Not Now, When? Releasing Perfectionism for Happiness and Success

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Okay...I admit it...I'm a total perfectionist. I LOVE creating things but when it comes to sharing them with others, I most definitely hesitate more often than not. 

This is because I am a total perfectionist. I want everything I create to be my absolute best before I even begin talking about it or showing my work to others...but I've learned an important lesson lately:

Nothing will ever be perfect, and it shouldn't be! That's okay

The most important thing is that you spent the time and effort necessary to create something awesome! Learning to be vulnerable and authentic in order to embrace your creativity and release perfection is the key to success and happiness in your work

Here is a little example story from "my friend"...what if you wrote a book that you are SO passionate about and you think can really help people or provide them joy. What if you then sat on the draft of your book for over a year...afraid to move on to the next step, to ask for help, to spread the word, and to finally get it out there in the world. 

You knew this already but I AM that friend. This is where I am RIGHT NOW.

Think about your own life. What have you created or thought up or grown passionate about but not acted upon

Sharing our passions with the world is what true purpose looks like. And you want to know what true purpose leads to? HAPPINESS! That's what! Fulfillment, joy, pride, and much more are just waiting to be a part of your life. So I have a very important question for you...


It's time to take that leap. It's time to make the commitment to your happiness and purpose that you deserve. It's time to take actionable steps to make your dreams and passions a reality

Still not convinced? Let's get a little personal...take a minute to fill out my Self Inspiration: Reasons To Begin NOW worksheet...then tell me you aren't inspired by your own incredible self!

I am here to tell you that you are flippin' AMAZING! You have great ideas, you are a talented, your passions can change the world. It is time to leverage what you know and love about yourself and use them to manifest true purpose and happiness into your life. 

You CAN do this and I hope you feel inspired to plan and take your next steps. 

In the spirit of taking the leap NOW, being your authentic self, and being comfortable with the discomfort of vulnerability...I want to offer some of my own to you. Stay tuned for a VERY exciting announcement coming from me this week...*hint hint*...it has to do with the release of my BOOK!

I want to express my immense gratitude for your support and my love for the amazing person that you are and are working to be. You inspire me everyday!

All the best my lovelies,