How to Find Your Ideal Workspace: Ignite Your Productivity & Happiness

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We live in a world where a desk in an office is the most common workspace. But just because it is widely practiced, doesn't make it a good fit for everyone. 

Every person has different strengths, different ways of taking in information, different distractors and attention spans. Some people work well with a great deal of background noise. Some can only focus when it is quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Needless to say, an office environment doesn't offer the diversity of workspaces that many people thrive in.

The space in which we work can significantly influence how productive we are, what quality of work we put out, and how happy we are while doing it. 

I first want to is OKAY if you don't feel you fit in an office environment. Many of us don' just takes a little creativity and self-discovery to figure out exactly where we DO work best. If you don't feel happy or in flow (learn more about finding your flow here) at a desk, try something else out. Taking the time to learn about yourself, know what works best for you, and leverage this knowledge for your advantage is beyond valuable. 

So what works for you? It is all about taking the time to experiment and find out. 

Photo Courtesy of  Humbleworks London

Photo Courtesy of Humbleworks London

  • Maybe you enjoy working in the same space or location everyday to provide your brain consistency.

  • Maybe you have a few favorite locations which you cycle through to keep your brain engaged.

  • Maybe your productivity is maximized by working in a new place each and every day.

Whatever it is that brings you daily joy and consistent productivity, follow that with great enthusiasm! If you are having trouble figuring out what that is for you...check out my Ideal Workspace/Location Evaluation and get to discovering yourself!

This worksheet evaluation helps you monitor:

  • Your Productivity Level

  • Your Happiness Level

  • Your Likelihood of Returning

  • Highlights of the Workspace/Location

  • Things You Would Change About the Workspace/Location

  • Additional Notes

Wherever you discover your ideal workspace or location to be, it will be unique. Where are you happiest and most productive? The answer to this question probably won't look the same for everyone. Once you do discover your ideal location(s), be empowered to ask for flexibility from your superiors or allow yourself some leeway to try it out.

Explain that you are working for self-improvement, greater productivity for the business, and lasting happiness for yourself. You can be an even more valuable asset to your team or your business when you are happily working in a space that energizes and inspires you. 

Life is all about learning, loving and leveraging yourself to be the happiest, most fulfilled, and productive individual you can be. So why hold yourself in a box that doesn't quite fit your unique personality? Give some new workspaces a try and see how you can flourish!

I'd love to hear how your discovery goes and what spaces or locations you find work best for you...I am always on the lookout for new and fun ideas! Be sure to comment below.