How to Build Your Energizing & Empowering Morning Routine

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We can all agree that we are humans, and that humans thrive with routine.

Our bodies and brains are naturally more energized and prepared for the day if we follow a familiar pattern to get things moving.

That is why it is SO important to set a basic morning routine.

One of my favorite podcasts, Slow Your Home, by Brooke McAllary, highlights something that I think is really important to consider with this topic. (If you haven’t check out her podcast yet, you totally should!)

Brooke explains that sometimes “routine” is too rigid for some people. Strict routines where you stick to certain time constraints can be built to fail, or simply don’t fit the style of everyone. She suggests a morning “rhythm” instead. This idea is when you have things that you know you get done each morning but work more in flow, without strict time constraints.

Either way, routine or rhythm(whichever is best for you), they are incredibly important for helping your body and brain greet the day with expectation, intention and familiarity. And lead to a day full of simple joy and creative productivity. The benefits don’t lie!

I’m a HUGE advocate for an energizing and empowering morning routine (as you can imagine since I’m sharing this article with you!), and I want to take some time today to share some of my tips for generating a routine that leads to a happy you and a dynamite day.

So what should you include in your morning routine? I’ve come to divide this up into three very important categories to create a well-rounded morning routine: Physical, Mental, and Nourish.

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In my book, The Guide to Gusto: Learn, Love & Leverage Yourself to Unlock a Life of Happiness, Purpose & Productivity, I go into detail about what you can include in each of these categories and subcategories. I’m going to give just a little taste here but leave the decisions up to you! After all, this is YOUR morning...own it!

I suggest that you include at least one item from each category in your morning routine, but I personally include them all!


We only get one body in this life; we need to care for it and appreciate it. Adding even a little physical wellness in your morning routine can go a long way.

  • Exercise: Any form of activity you enjoy.

  • Cleanse: Keep that hygiene up and that body clean.

  • Dress: Wear something that makes you feel confident and prepared.

  • Groom: Do whatever it takes to make you feel ready to tackle anything.


Our brain can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Taking the time to treat it well can lead to a better attitude and emotional stability and better results all day long.

  • Meditate: Take the time to just breathe and be.

  • Mindfulness: Take time to just sit with your thoughts.

  • Gratitude: Take the time to say at least one thing you are grateful for.

  • Creativity: Make time for some morning creativity of any kind.


They always say, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” They are right. Starting the day off with a properly nourished body and brain is essential.

  • Water: Start off each morning with water to reach your daily intake requirement.

  • Food: Eat a breakfast of healthy, nutritious foods each morning.

  • Treat: Enjoy in whatever you love.

  • Prepare: Pack healthy snacks and plan for a great lunch.

What items sound like things you would like to include in YOUR energizing well-rounded morning routine? As you’ve heard me mention before, it’s all about self-discovery and experimentation. Give yourself time to try things out, evaluate, adjust, and repeat until you find a routine that is great for you. If you want some help working through this process, give my Morning Routine Generator: Energize, Empower, Enjoy worksheet a try!

Your brain and body deserve to have time to prepare for the day. Give them this gift, and they will reward you with productivity, efficiency, and joy you can truly appreciate!

I’d love to hear how your self-discovery is going and what you choose to include in your morning! Leave me a comment below, tag me on Instagram, or like Lists and Lovelies on Facebook...I can’t WAIT to hear from you!


Stay lovely,





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