Happy Announcement! 2018 Accountability Action Group

Accountability Action Group.png

Hello Lovelies!

I am SO thrilled to be sharing this quick announcement with you today! I am launching a private Facebook group on my Lists and Lovelies Facebook page called: Lists and Lovelies Accountability Action Group

This group is all about holding each other to happiness and productivity in the most positive ways. Share what you are working on, what you are excited about, what your challenges are and enjoy connecting with others to feel what success means to you and enjoy long-term community happiness.

It is free, it is fun, and it can help gently nudge you into the positive habits to create the happiness you deserve and the daily productivity you CAN reach and maintain. 

You can join by clicking here...be sure to share your BIG 2018 goal when you join! Don't have a goal in mind yet? That's okay! Give us some of your thoughts and let us help you find clarity. 

I'm so excited to go on this amazing 2018 journey with you...see you there!

Stay lovely,