Happiness is a Surface Level Term: Alignment is What We Really Desire

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"I want to be happy."

"This action can bring me happiness."

"That item will increase my happiness for sure."

These are all things that we hear and talk about on a regular basis, me included. But recently I've been reading and thinking about what the term "happiness" really means...what it is actually getting at and why we all feel drawn to the term and to finding more.  

See, "happiness" is a surface level term. A label. An easy to use mask we use to refer to what it is we actually desire in life. So what does it truly mean? What does the term happiness represent?

I believe happiness, at its core, truly means alignment. Think about it. When you feel truly happy, your actions and connections and environment are all aligned with your values and who you are meant to be. 

Take a moment to reflect and think of a specific time when you felt incredibly happy.

Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing? Take a minute to simply close your eyes and relive this happy moment. 

Now that you are feeling all of those lovely, happy emotions, take a moment to consider why you feel this way:

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Environmental Alignment

Where were you? My bet is you were in a place that embodied your values, made you feel safe, wanted, inspired and loved.

Connection Alignment

Who were you with? Someone(s) who loves you for who you are, who thinks the world of you, who you feel open with and loved by. 

Action Alignment

What were you doing? Most likely something that speaks to your soul, inspires and energizes you and makes you feel whole. 


Aligning With Our Honest Selves

My point is, you were in alignment! What you experienced was your actions, environment and connections falling in line with what you truly feel and believe. And you felt happy!

Happiness is simply a handy term to refer to what we truly want...to feel a sense of alignment between our experience and our true, honest, inner self. It feels great! No wonder we want more of that satisfying feeling.

We all deserve to feel the alignment we desire. And our world proves that we do: Happiness is a HOT topic in our culture. There are countless books, blogs, speakers, leaders, teachers, coaches, experts, and average Joes who are all dedicated to creating more happiness in their lives and the lives of others. 

It is a truly valiant idea...and one that is very much possible, I believe, if we think just a little differently about what it is we are working toward.

If we think of creating happiness not from inserting or removing things from our lives but from knowing and understanding our inner, honest, most true selves and creating experiences that align beautifully with these truths. 

If we focus on self-discovery, self-awareness, self-understanding, self-evaluation, self-reflection...on learning and knowing ourselves better and deeper and more lovingly! After all,

"Happiness is an internal condition that doesn't require outside influence." -Gabby Bernstein

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Finding Your Own Alignment

So what rubs you the wrong way or makes you feel even just a little bit uncomfortable? Eliminate these things from your life. They simply don't align with your true self and won't bring you joy. You won't find happiness in anything external. Not in things, in wealth, in real-estate, in first-class tickets or anything else our society places value upon.

What do you value? Who do you love? What actions and ideas light your fire? How can you invest in more time discovering your deeper self? We can find alignment within ourselves. In our alignment with our goals, values, beliefs, purpose, mission and internal self. In our connections with those we love, in our service to others, in the way we live our lives as authentic, true versions of our unique selves. 

Find ways to create experiences that align with these truths and you will be well on your way to finding the "happiness" we all desire. It's that simple... happiness is not the complex animal we have made it out to be in our minds. You can find happiness, you can find alignment, no luck required...just begin with simple, honest, observed truths. 


How Do You Label Happiness?

What is your term for what we truly desire? For what happiness really means? Not everyone will identify with the term "alignment" and I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Please feel free to share below or reach out directly!