10 Tips to Stay Inspired in Work and Life

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Have you ever faced a day of work and felt less than excited to get started? Maybe you’ve looked at a project that used to bring you passion but now just seems like a chore.

The first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. Don't get discouraged! It is natural to get a little bored now and then and to need further inspiration to reclaim the fire and passion and rediscover your motivation.

Knowing where to turn for personal inspiration is something that will help you stay positive and motivated in work and in life. What brings you joy? What makes you excited when you think about it or look at it? Who do you you feel energized after talking to? What topics really spark a passion in you?

Knowing these things about yourself can be a great first defense against the dreaded lack of motivation (the curse to productivity AND happiness). There is no answer that fits all. You have to know what makes YOU feel inspired.

There are endless ways to be inspired. The world is full of amazing things just waiting to blow your mind and help you get back on track. Not sure where to start? I have included 10 of my favorite ways to stay inspired.


#1: Vision Board

A vision board can be anything you make it. Basically, it is once space like a cork board or panel where you physically put together images, quotes, text, and other items that inspire you or motivate you to work hard for what they represent. 


#2: Ted Talks

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Ted Talks are “Ideas Worth Spreading.” They are videos of professionals speaking about what they are incredibly passionate about, and helping these ideas grow in the greater public. Their passion is contageous and you’ll probably learn something, too! 


#3: Read

This is one of my favorite inspo sources. I always have one fiction and one non-fiction book going at the same time. Fiction is great for getting lost in an inspiring world. Non-fiction is fantastic for learning and growing as an individual.


#4: Network

For many of us, meeting new people with like minds is incredibly energizing. Hearing all about new people and their passions can spark a new energy in you and give you new and inspiring ideas. Try Meetup.


#5: Self Evaluations

I am a huge advocate for always learning more about yourself. You can understand how you are truly feeling and what could re-energize your motivation and inspiration just by getting to know YOU better. (Check out my free downloadable worksheets and evaluations on the products page!!)


#6: Travel

Traveling is the ultimate way to feel inspired. Seeing new things, meeting new people, and understanding a different way of life leads to loads of inspiration. Travel doesn’t have to mean to exotic lands...try out a new place around your home and feel the inspiration. 


#7: YouTube

This platform is great for so many different things. You can find education, entertainment, stories, beautiful videography and so much more.


#8: Pinterest

For visual people, Pinterest is a great way to feel inspired by new ideas and beautiful things all in one space. 


#9: Brain Dump

Take a little time to get everything in your brain out on a page. Sometimes writing or drawing things out can make more sense of your situation and you can find some inspiration and clarity in the jumble.


#10: Return to Passion/Values/Intention

Taking some time to center yourself and remind you why you are doing what you are doing is the most inspirational thing you can do. Remember what you are passionate about, what brings you joy, where your values lie and what your intention in your work is and feel inspired by who you are as a unique individual. Check out this article if you are feeling lost!


Bonus Idea: Podcasts

On the go? Try out a podcast while you are commuting, walking the dog, or washing the dishes. There is a huge variety of podcasts out there so you are sure to find one that truly inspires you. 



I hope these ideas give you a little boost of motivation to discover more about yourself, what inspires you, and how to best stay inspired. Remember that it is all about what makes YOU feel inspired...no one else in the world can truly tell you what that is.


But the work is worth it! (And it is pretty dang fun most of the time, too!) Not only will you feel more inspired, but you will feel happier and be more productive, too!


What other inspo ideas do you turn to? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


Stay Inspired,