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College Coaching

Free for underrepresented students

By committing to vivacious self-discovery or authentic business strategy coaching with me, you are giving college coaching services to a student from an underrepresented background.

Let’s Connect!

We all are growing and improving in our own ways…that’s what being human is all about. I am beginning my journey as a self-discovery and business strategy coach!

Take a chance on me…I promise you won’t be disappointed.

To begin, I am offering FREE 30 minute coaching consultations for anyone interested in coaching with me. Simply email:

sarinasandstrom (at) gmail (dot) com

And let me know what type of coaching you are looking for: Self-Discovery, Business-Strategy, or 2 for 1 Giving Back (Free college coaching for students).

And if (when!) we vibe well and you believe I can help you you get clear you will receive a dirt cheap rate in return for helping me grow and develop as a coach.

My Coaching Philosophy:

I believe that knowing more about ourselves brings about clarity and confidence in life, business and beyond.

I believe that it is a gift for each of us to experience what life has to offer, and that we are here together to help one another grow.

Therefore, for every 2 paid coaching clients on my docket, I provide free coaching services to 1 student from an underrepresented background.

This includes persons of color, those from low-income backgrounds, members of the LGBTQ+ community, women, folks with disabilities and more. Coaching topics include self-discovery, career development, post-secondary education processes and more.

If you or someone you know is interested or would like to know if they qualify, please fill out this form:

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