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Your mind is full of ideas that can change the world and change lives.

I can help you bring those ideas to life.

Think of me as your own personal storyteller. We sit down. We chat. We probably drink some cozy and comforting beverage. I pick your brain…a lot. I learn about and marinate myself in the culture of your ideas and your mission.

Next, we draw up an outline together. Either to tell your story in the form of the written word or to expand your vision in the form of a start-up business. You share your passions with me and I promise to create (or help YOU create) a beautiful, compelling, real, and tangible product that you can be proud of and share with the world in order to make the waves you were meant to.

It’s raw. It’s real. It's your ideas come to life…

Tell me your ideas! I want to hear what ignites a fire in your soul and makes you burst with energy when you speak about it. I want to hear the ideas in your brain that can change the world and I know we can make them a real, powerful book or business together.

I offer writing, editing, and design services for your book. I also offer start-up business consulting and support services for your dream. I believe in open communication about what services you need and desire and the best way to package services to be sure the book or consultation is exactly as you imagine and within your budget. 


Throughout my career, I have worked with over 15 inspiring entrepreneurs. I've been right there with them through the start of a business...learning what works, what doesn't, and how to bring your own unique personality into the world of business.

With this experience, I've come away with an extensive range of information and strategies to help a start-up hit the ground running without all the stress. In our consultations, I share all of this information with you and assist you in personalizing it to fit your industry, style, and personality.

So you want to be an entrepreneur? Let me help you make the start-up process run smoothly and create the business you KNOW you can.

Call me your right-hand woman in business! I offer assistance with:

  • Entrepreneur Life/Business Alignment Coaching

  • Website Copy Creation or Edit

  • Blog Content Creation and Strategy

  • Email Marketing Content, Design and Strategy

  • Email Welcome Series Development

  • Social Media Management/Strategy

  • Much More!

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Are you living your best life or spending each day doing what you feel you “should” be doing? I’ve spent extensive time studying positive psychology, personal growth, happiness, personal development, character strengths and what makes each of us unique and valuable. Allow me to guide you to align with your values and discover yourself and how to create your own best life. 

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I love to write. It is one of my true passions and I feel incredibly energized by it. I write everything from blog posts to promo or web copy to full books. I write as a ghostwriter or as a contributor to your work. 

Writing doesn't come easily to everyone...and it doesn't have to! Just like I know sports aren't my thing, writing probably isn't everyone's cup of tea. I am happy to work closely with you to create a meaningful story or written idea full of YOUR passion.

I have worked with over 15 entrepreneurs to improve their businesses, spread their ideas, or get that dream book written. I have written books in a variety of genres from health and fitness to sales to personal stories. 

Please contact me for details about my writing services and pricing.


You know that person always correcting your grammar? Yeah, that's me. Turns out, it comes in quite handy when a business or individual wants to appear clean, polished, and professional. I edit mostly book manuscripts but I also have significant experience editing video copy, website copy, and other written materials. 

I offer both line editing and content editing services. Please contact me for details about these options and my pricing.


Books should be beautiful. I am a firm believer that a book that is laid out with real design in mind is far more compelling and relatable. A book should not only connect to its reader through content but also visually. I offer page layout design, cover design, as well as other supplemental design services such as logos, poster, promo materials and more. 

Please contact me to learn more about my design services as well as individual pricing. 

Your hard work deserves to be seen! Whether you are spreading the word about your new publication or making waves with your passionate business, I can help you share your message in a way that is authentic to you and engaging for your viewers.

I offer email marketing and social media strategy and support. Please reach out to talk about sharing your passionate purpose with the world.

Digital Marketing




In all of the contractors I’ve brought on to assist me in one area or another, she has been the best of the best to work with. Her attention to quality work, detail, ideas and insights, and overall amazing attitude make her a fist class hire for your copy needs, as well as admin projects. What she doesn’t know, she will research and learn. I can’t wait to hire her on for future projects.
— -Christa K, CEO & Founder

Testimonials: Hands Down the Best Money I Spend on my company

Sarina is hands-down the best money I spend on my company. The value she provides is unprecedented. She just gets it. She is hard working, delivers all on time and is a pleasure to communicate with. I have referred her to several entrepreneurs and we all talk about how amazing it is that she is able to articulate the distinct messages of each of our companies.
— Lizz H, CEO & Founder

Testimonials: Her Works Has Been Exactly What I'm Looking For

Sarina came highly recommend from a colleague. I’ve worked with her on several writing projects and she’s been amazing and wonderful to work with. Her work has been exactly what I’m looking for and she understands the voice of my business.
— Ruthie C, CEO & Founder


Look no further for your copywriting needs. Sarina is the best of the best to work with. She was a ghost writer for my book and honestly, that book would not have happened so quickly without her help. We met regularly and I had the full freedom to offload my ideas and together we collaborated on the outline, tools and format. You see, she’s not only great with the writing piece, but also at brainstorming to make your work the very best it can be! And this woman knows how to get work done. You’ll never worry about her missing a deadline. In 3 months time we launched both the book and companion journal and planner – a feat that continues to amaze me to this day.
— CK, CEO & Founder