About Sarina


My mission is to create a beautiful, positive, and supportive community where individuals and entrepreneurs can embrace their authentic selves, share their personal passions, appreciate the little things, and live life with great enthusiasm.

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My name is Sarina and I live life with great enthusiasm. This means doing what I love daily, striving to learn and improve, and supporting others to do the same.

Life is all about embracing who you are and strategically using your own unique skills and talents to be happy. I believe in learning, loving and leveraging yourself to be your best self. I do this by helping amazing individuals and entrepreneurs share their meaningful stories and ideas in an authentic and compelling way...and by sharing my own ideas in this way as well.

I am an author, writer, editor, entrepreneur, book designer, blogger, personal development junkie, and passionate life enthusiast. I don't have it all figured out, but I do enjoy the process of discovering myself and am pleased to be able to share that with you all.


I grew up in central Minnesota and went to college at the University of Minnesota as well as North Dakota State University. I studied Public History (I like to call it strategic storytelling!) and have been building my skills in writing, editing, designing and sharing ever since. I am so grateful to have two fantastic parents, a sister/best-friend named Sylvia, and I currently live in St. Paul, Minnesota with my wonderful partner, Kasey. 


I write to share ideas. I believe every single person has a story or idea worth sharing and I work to share mine here. 


Be sure to check out the free downloadable pdf worksheets and guides that I have on the Resources page as well as learn more about my upcoming book: The Guide to Gusto: 20 Ways to Learn, Love & Leverage Yourself to Unlock a Life of Happiness, Purpose & Productivity.  Don't forget to subscribe to get updates from my blog, my weekly lovelies page, and more!





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